BERTHEAU [démissionnaire] Yves

Yves Bertheau

Yves Bertheau, directeur de recherche à l’INRA, occupe par ailleurs diverses fonctions : French High Council of biotechnologies (2009-2014) mostly in charge of traceability / labeling, coexistence and general surveillance issues ; Scientific committee of the French ministry in charge of environment “Risk’OGM”: 2011- ; Co-leader or member (2003-2009) of ENGL – European Network of GMO Laboratories - Working groups, on measurement uncertainty, detection of unapproved GMOs ; European task-leader on “Quantitative PCR” of the CEN ad-hoc group. (1998 - 2005). Doc. ISO DIS 21570 published in 2005 ; Coordinator of the French delegation to the European CEN/TC 275/WG 11 working groupe devoted to the detection of GMO (1998 - 2005) ; Coordinator of the French network of enforcement laboratories on GMO traceability (1999-2009) ; Member (BEP, BAP, FP4, FP5, FP6) and coordinator (1992-1994; 2005-2009) of several European research programms including the largest one on GMO coexistence and traceability: Co-Extra ; Member of several editorial boards and editor of special issues of scientific journals (1980-2014) ; Editor of the book (2013): Genetically modified and non-genetically modified food supply chains: co-existence and traceability. Wiley, 688 pp. ; Chairman of the AFNOR standardization commission dedicated to the detection of GMO (March 1998-October 2000) then member (2000-2006) ; Several folders submitted to the Competent authorities for the submission to the integration into the “negative list” (258/97/EC regulation on “Novel food and novel ingredients”).